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Teaching Goals to Students


Our first blog post of the year was inspired by my recent visit to the wonderful Maddy Brown’s Spanish 1 classroom in Greenwood. What follows is a set of directly usable resources and a series of videos from her classroom. It’s all directly aligned to Priority 3 of our Humanities Vision this year:

Generating a shared vision with students and measuring progress towards that vision.

What was remarkable about Maddy’s lesson on Goals was that it took the time, over the course of a full lesson, for students to:

  1. Identify what strong Goals and Action Plans look like.
  2. Create personal Goals and Action Plans for this year in Spanish.
  3. Understand and feel invested in the Class Goals.

At the same time, Maddy made sure that she was being responsive to students, listening to their concerns about Goals (and even fielding the tough question “Why are we spending so much time on Goals? Why aren’t we learning Spanish?”). You can also see how Maddy seamlessly integrates Spanish cognates and love for the content as they set and learn about goals. Amazing!

Check out the resources and video links below to start implementing this in your own classrooms!

Way to go Maddy! Thank you for showing us all an awesome example of setting goals in the classroom!


Resource Dump #1

Don’t become a nugget. Equip yourself with some awesome resources from your fellow teachers!

Our recent discussions as a team during the Humanities leader summit have spurred an awesome flurry of sharing and caring! Is there a better time than THANKSGIVING to share that awesome teamwork that we have started to establish, and say THANK YOU for it?!?!

Indeed, for this blog post, I have compiled some of those resources (as well as some extras!) in a manner that may be useful to you and your fellow teachers.

Find a resource you really love in this blog-post? Shout out the teacher who made it!

Updated Resource Sharing Drives!!!!

  • Art Google Drive
    • Featuring NEW Unit Plans, Unit Assessments, and Project Plans!
      • Main Contributors: Amanda Welch, Mary King, Cat Johnston, Salma Akhtar!
  • Music Google Drive
    • Featuring NEW Unit Plans and Unit Assessments
      • Main Contributors: Alice Hasen, Camille Loomis, Gabriella Sharpe
  • Social Studies Google Drive
    • Featuring NEW Unit Plans, Unit Assessments, and MUCH MORE!!!
      • Main Contributors: Ali Hager, Stephen Fritz, Brandon Rauch, Julia Braunreiter, Dan Clason, Tim Abram, and Laura Butler
  • World Languages DropBox
    • Featuring NEW Culture Plans, Unit Assessments, and more!
      • Main Contributors: Nels Akerson.

Resources from photos Jacob took in classrooms!

Other Fun Resources!

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Arts Articles, Videos, Resources, and More!

What An Arts Education Meant to Me – A writer meditates on how the Arts impacted her life, regardless of the fact that she ended up being a writer instead.

Austin’s Butterfly – See how simple critique in the classroom can help a student of any age transform his or her art!

Six Reasons That the Arts Are the Ideal Vehicle to Teach 21st Century Success Skills  – Pretty self-explanatory title!

TPR(S) Resources


Bryce Henderson – Check out his amazing blog, resources and example student work here


Websites full of videos!

Denver Public Schools TPR(S) videos – Awesome teachers in action!

Learner.org TPR videos – Especially strong for linking culture with TPR


Individual videos worth checking out!

Ben Slavic – From PQA to TPRS: Moving from PQA to Storytelling…complete with video!  There is commentary so it is relevant for all languages, but bonus for French teachers, it’s Ben Slavic!




Music Articles, Books, Videos, and more!


Rocking it Out: Exploring Music Teaching Methods – Check out this fun and engaging activity on the NYTimes blog (and many more)!