Social Studies

Setting Your Vision

Our Vision for Content – From a regional perspective, this is what we’re concerned about, excited about, and looking for with students!

Strong Start Social Studies – Some guidance on what NEEDS to be in your vision to be on the path towards transformational teaching.

Social Studies Tracker – Keep track of where your students stand quantitatively!

Humanities Vision Template– NOT required, but some of us actually like them!

Pathways and Opportunities

Colleges, Competitions, Grants and More – See what you can make possible for yourself and for your students!

Planning Resources

Social Studies Resource Exchange! – Check out what others in Social Studies have been working on, and upload your own!

DBQ Resource Folder – Check ’em all out!

Mississippi DBQ Rubric (NEW!) – Based on the Regents rubric, this is a quick and easy 4-scale rubric that can help you evaluate your DBQs! Adaptable for any grade-level depending on your vision for mastery.

Common Core State Standards – Start at page 61 in this document to see what the standards will look like for Social Studies!

Social Studies Rigor Cheat Sheet – A guide to rigor in Social Studies!

A Guide to Designing Your Unit Assessments – A thorough guide that includes links and checklists for ensuring your assessment is good enough for students, and aligned to your vision!

One Stop Shop of Resources (and READ ME FIRST GUIDE) – Check out this LARGE (but incredibly useful!) document for all you need with regards to planning for the new year!

Example Unit Plans, Assessments, and Long Term Plans – At the moment, these are just in Economics and US History, but they give you a good idea of what makes a strong plan!

The Social Studies Unit Plan – NOT required, but a really great way of structuring your thinking!

Links to Excellent Social Studies Websites! – Look around and see what other Social Studies teachers around the world are doing and thinking!

Writing in Social Studies – Check out these websites and resources for ideas on how to get students writing in your classroom!



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