Kick-Off 2015

Welcome to the Kick-Off Resource Page! Everything you need is right here in these handy-dandy folders.

  • Kick-Off 2 Documents
    • No need to download these (unless you want to), but please be able to view these by clicking on “Add to Drive” and then “Open in Drive”


  • ESSENTIAL Kick-Off Downloads
    • Click the link above to access these essential documents that you will need to view and work within during Kick-Off.
    • When you navigate to the folder, click on the blue box in the upper-right corner that says “Add to Drive”
    • Then, click on the same box again that now says “Open in Drive”
    • Select the relevant folder(s) or document(s) (you can press and hold CTRL while clicking to select multiple documents at once)
    • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right to open a menu, then select “Download”
    • Finally, find the folders or documents on your computer, and keep them somewhere safe where you can edit them!
  • ALL Kick-Off Materials
    • Follow the instructions above to have access to all PPTs, documents, and resources in soft-copy.

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  1. Anyone have a student interest survey they would like to share? Thanks.

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