World Languages


Setting Your Vision

Our Vision for Content – From a regional perspective, this is what we’re concerned about, excited about, and looking for with students!

Strong Start  – Some guidance on what NEEDS to be in your vision to be on the path towards transformational teaching.

Our Trackers & Rubrics – Keep track of where your students stand quantitatively! You can find guidance on how to set them up HERE.

Our Vision Template – NOT required, but some of us actually like them!

Classroom Resources

World Languages Resource Exchange! – Check out this awesome folder compiled by our very own teachers! They’re full of Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, and more. Right now, we’re looking for READINGS and CULTURE lesson plans in particular… So if you want to contribute with your own files, please email so you can join the DropBox!

Unit Plans, Assessments, and Long-Term Plans– Check out some of the key planning documents you should be using!

Summatives – Unless you are teaching elementary, your students will be taking these Regents assessments at the end of the year. Use these as a guide for your planning!

Planning Resources – Get some ideas! Includes the “Circling Template”!

Classroom Resources – Plenty of World Languages-specific ideas and resources for setting up and managing your classroom!

Sample Lesson Plans – These lessons can help you get the year started off right, and ensure some of your most critical lessons are thoroughly planned!

TPRS Resources – Check out these pre-written stories and novels that can help you as you head through the chapters of “Look I Can Talk!” and “Look I Can Talk More!” Need more? Contact Jacob to request them.

Online Resources – A catalog of recommended resources for your planning, resources, and more!

Our ISATs – Want to see what our incoming CMs are teaching this summer? Check it out here.

WL Unit Plan Template – A useful way to structure your planning!

Pathways and Opportunities

Colleges, Competitions, Grants and More – See what you can make possible for yourself and for your students!

TPRS Resources 

Checklist for Observing an FL Classroom – Ask your MTLD to use this, or even use it to reflect on your own videos!

Videos of TPRS – Check out some master teachers displaying their TPR skills!

Circling Template – Helps you plan this CRITICAL component of your TPRS time!

TPRS Extension Ideas – Check out TPRS Modification-Extension Ideas as well as Susan Gross’ Extension Activities to get some ideas on how to expand TPRS for your students.

Acting Contract – A behavior contract to help make explicit what you expect from your acting students during TPRS!


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