Setting Your Vision

Our Vision for Content – From a regional perspective, this is what we’re concerned about, excited about, and looking for with students!

Strong Start Bar Arts – Some guidance on what NEEDS to be in your vision to be on the path towards transformational teaching.

Our Trackers and Rubrics – Measure and keep track of where your students stand quantitatively! Check out some guidance on how to set them up HERE.

Humanities Vision Template – NOT required, but some of us actually like them!

Planning Resources

The Arts Resource Exchange! Upload any and all documents to this GoogleDrive, and check out what others are working on, too!

Diagnostics – Check out these great initial Assessments to gather information about what your students can already do, and what some of your priorities for the year might be!

Examples of Unit Plans, Assessments, and Answer Keys! (Mainly Featuring Elementary Examples – it’s what our 2013ers are teaching at Institute!)

The Arts Unit Plan – NOT required, but a really great way of structuring your thinking!

Fine Arts Rigor Cheat Sheet – A guide to rigor in the Arts!

A Guide to Designing Your Unit Assessments – A thorough guide that includes links and checklists for ensuring your assessment is good enough for students, and aligned to your vision!

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards Check out the first draft of the K-8 standards that will go live in 2014 as the national opt-in standards for your instruction in the Arts.

Online Resources – A catalog of recommended resources for your planning, resources, and more!

Pathways and Opportunities

Colleges, Competitions, Grants and More – See what you can make possible for yourself and for your students!

Deepening Your Vision

Articles, Videos, and More – Check out these resources to continue your thinking, motivation, and LOVE for Art!


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