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Foreign Language Online Resources

Awesome TPRS Blogs:

Martina Bex’s “The Comprehensible Classroom”

The TPRS Teacher – Amazing blog with so many resources, ideas, and videos!

Bryce Hedstrom’s Blog – The amount of useful materials on here is amazing!

Susan Gross’ Website – A PLETHORA of incredible resources!

Other Websites:

Duolingo is a fun website with which to learn a second (or third, or fourth!) language, and a great way to reward students on a Friday!

Getting things for your classroom:

– Amazon Wish List – (

– Class Wish (

– Reddit Gifts for Teachers (

– Donors Choose (


Music Online Resources


Videos of Classrooms, Josh Czupryk teaching his kiddos

Getting things for your classroom:

Art Online Resources

Featured Resource:

Common Core and the Arts – Wondering how Common Core is going to affect your instruction, and how you can start supporting your students in the transition NOW? Look here!

All Grades


Deep Space Sparkle

Teach Kids Art

Thomas Elementary Art

High School

Art History

Local Art

Art Elements and Principals

Teaching For Artistic Behavior

And of course, if you don’t use it is a great way to keep and organize ideas.  Here are a few people I suggest to follow for art related stuff:

Getting things for your classroom:

Arts Articles, Videos, Resources, and More!

What An Arts Education Meant to Me – A writer meditates on how the Arts impacted her life, regardless of the fact that she ended up being a writer instead.

Austin’s Butterfly – See how simple critique in the classroom can help a student of any age transform his or her art!

Six Reasons That the Arts Are the Ideal Vehicle to Teach 21st Century Success Skills  – Pretty self-explanatory title!

Articles and Resources About the Delta

Use this page as best you see fit. Any and all of our contents can and should tie a local sense of history, culture, and what is happening today!

Mysterious Mississippi Murder Stokes Suspicions Bred by an Ugly Past – CNN article about the recent murder or Clarksdale mayoral candidate Marco McMillian

Foreign Language Planning Resources

From TFA’s Own

Examples of Unit Plans, Assessments, and Long-Term Plans – get some ideas here!

Unit Assessment Reflection Template – Help your students reflect on their work!

From Others

Looking to string in culture throughout a unit? Wondering what a thematic unit could look like? Here are some standard based units that target various grade levels (and most can be adapted for other grades!):

Many more can be found here (both in French and Spanish!).

TPR(S) Resources


Bryce Henderson – Check out his amazing blog, resources and example student work here


Websites full of videos!

Denver Public Schools TPR(S) videos – Awesome teachers in action! TPR videos – Especially strong for linking culture with TPR


Individual videos worth checking out!

Ben Slavic – From PQA to TPRS: Moving from PQA to Storytelling…complete with video!  There is commentary so it is relevant for all languages, but bonus for French teachers, it’s Ben Slavic!